• How Far Away Will You Do Business?

    We will travel up to 2-3 hours in most cases, but have gone farther. If you are unsure if you are too far away, please contact us.

  • Do You Require A Deposit?
    • Yes,  1/2 down is due at time of order and the balance upon completion. 
    • We accept cash, checks, credit or debit.
  • Do We Need To Bring My Boat, Auto, RV To You?

    For Boats: 

    Yes, each boat is custom fit.  If needed, pick up and delivery can usually be arranged.

    For Campers: 

    No, we will travel to you for measurements and return in about 2 weeks to install.

    For Autos: 

    Yes and no, we only need to keep the pieces being recovered.